My Policeman is a movie that has the potential to become a complete blockbuster but has remained to stay on the surface level.

What’s good about the movie: All characters in the movie are in their own closet of sexualities, and the film is depicted in such a way that it catches them in the most intriguing manner possible.

What’s terrible about the movie: It fails to provide each character center stage, which does not provide the depth of the character. The movie is involved depicting the jealousy of the characters, which is more poetic than what is expected of it

Script Analysis

The plot of story is set up in 1957 in London, when owing to a person’s sexuality apart from being straight was considered a crime. Between the atrocities towards homosexuals, a couple rose in a triangle filled with agony and jealousy. My Policeman is about the agony people face in their day-to-day lives, which is well depicted on the screen. But critics and reviewers say it lacks lyrical content and script, which is essential for the storyline.

The story revolves around a man who hides his gender preference and another who is still on the verge of a decision, and when the two characters come together, sparks fly between them.

People review that the best art about the movie is how Patrick, one of the characters, comes into a dilemma that neither connects him to the outside world nor completely detaches from it. Yet, he hangs in there, with all hope of changing situations.

The essence of the time period is well-captured, where people treat two men of different gender preferences as criminals. The world also looks down upon them as monsters doing something considered taboo in the world. The movie’s dynamics are threatened when a wife is introduced to one of the characters, which also ends up emotionally affecting the viewer. Although there is supposed to be a plethora of drama and emotion in the movie, it still manages only to touch a surface level when it drifts from one point to another.

Movie Review

Movie Review

Harry Styles plays the part of Tom, who manages to handle the role well, especially where he is expected to be a muse. However, according to critics, David Dawson steals the show, and she manages to bring alive the dilemma in the most emotional way, which touches the sympathetic nerves of the audience. Another lead character in the movie is Gina McKee, who helps connect all the dots in the story. Emma Corrin plays her younger version, who does not get much screen time but does justice to her role.

Although the music helps the viewers feel immense in the plot, the cinematography remains average. As a result, many critics say it is an opportunity that needs to be better utilized to its full potential.

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