Being a film critic is no easy job. It requires an in-depth understanding of the different facets of cinema. Due to the nature of their job, film critics are often required to go against the grain of common thinking and provide their unique and honest perspective on things.

They are required to place emphasis on integrity and help the film industry move forward to a better future. Here are some top film critics that people have become fond of over the years:

David Edelstein

David Edelstein has had a terrific career writing informative and entertaining movie reviews. He is a talented Harvard graduate, and he has been a film critic for many popular newspapers and magazines like Slate, New York Post, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair, among others.

David Edelstein

He has been noted for being controversial at times when it comes to his humor. He is popular for coming up with the unique term called ‘torture porn’ to describe his experience watching horror movies.

Kim Newman

Kim Newman is a London-based film critic who has set himself apart from other film critics through his appreciation of horror movies. As an avid horror genre fan, he loves to write horror fiction when he’s not reviewing movies.

He has published novels like ‘The Night Mayor,’ ‘Anno Dracula, and ‘Life’s Lottery .’ He is a University of Sussex graduate and has worked for publications like City Limits and Empire. He has written many short stories as well.

Kim is famous for supporting different horror movies, and he has compelled his readers to notice their value in them. He had an extremely successful career and became the recipient of awards like the Bram Stoker Award.

Richard Roeper

Richard Roeper was well known for his presence in the Chicago Sun-Times. He was a graduate of Illinois State University. He was recognized for his expertise as a journalist in many different areas.

Richard Roeper

He also made appearances on many popular TV shows like The O’Reilly Factor, Entourage, and Top Chef. He was well known for the honesty and conviction in his writings and has held onto his views even when he found himself getting into controversies or public criticism.

Mike D’Angelo

Mike D’Angelo is one of the first few people who became extremely visible on the Internet for his movie reviews. He has a blog wittingly titled ‘The Man Who Viewed Too Much.’ He has worked for Entertainment Weekly in the past. He is recognized as an intelligent writer with clear observations and insightful perspectives.

He is also popular for being the film critic who worked for Time Out New York. Currently, he is writing reviews for the Las Vegas Weekly and is active on his blog. Some of his favorite movies are ‘Exotica,’ ‘Angels Have Wings’ and ‘A Star is Born.’