Watching a film and criticizing them is pretty easy. But numerous processes are involved in making them. So if you are aspiring to make a film or want to learn more about the filmmaking process, you may look into this guide to learn about the vital parts of the filmmaking process.

The idea

All the films that we watched came from the idea of someone. Even though there can be many changes in the initial concepts as the projects move forwards, the story or idea that came initially to your mind sets the foundation for your film. So, if you plan to make a story, start thinking about the type of story or message you want your movies to make. Think whether you merely want to entertain people or want to make some changes through your story.

The idea

The script

In this step, you will pen down the story, setting, characters, and dialogues in a linear pattern. This is the part of your film where everyone will know what is happening throughout your movie. Scrip will be the reference that will help you through the entire filmmaking process.

Remember that scripts are not constant. The best plot will often come after you finish the whole script. So always be ready to incorporate better ideas. Also, do not be afraid to let the actors improvise the scene or dialogue. You will be surprised by what actors can do with their characters.

The storyboards

Storyboarding is a critical part of filmmaking that will enable you to visualize the script. A storyboard will visually represent each shot and help you decide the perfect camera angles, shots sizes, and more. Also, they are one of the best tools to help you communicate with others. For instance, as a filmmaker, you will have a specific idea in your mind and want your actors to act in a certain way. With the help of a storyboard, you can communicate what you expect from others.

Selecting the cast and crew

If you want to make a good film, you must find the right people to support you throughout the filmmaking process. When searching for crew members, consider their past work experience or request them to show some reels or small videos of their skills. Remember that you might have an excellent script, but without the right actors who can do justice to the role, your film won’t succeed.


You will have to prepare a set to get the settings you want. And to find the actual location, you will have to walk around and see if the location is perfect for separate scenes.



While shooting, make sure you give yourself plenty of time; do not make it rushed.


If you think that filming is the longest and most complex process, then you are wrong. In post-production, you will have to edit all the footage. Then you will have to add sound effects, music, and visual effects. So always make sure to find an experienced editor for your film.

Before you start to polish your film and go for the promotion activities, show it to someone who will give you objective feedback.

A filmmaker must possess the following three qualities: passion, endurance, and perseverance. It’s much simpler said than done to be a cinematographer, but if you’re enthusiastic about it and know how to do it, you can pursue it as a profession. Because it is a challenging career route, some people continue to make films just out of passion and as a pastime. Nonetheless, if you are one of those individuals who enjoys making movies as a pastime and is used to hearing compliments about your skill, then this is a definite sign that you are not just enthusiastic about but also skilled in the craft.