Since 2021 was a pandemic year, it caused a severe halt in the release of good movies. However, thanks to its downfall in 2022, which was considered a good year for releasing robust films. Many blockbusters like Spencer, Shang-Chi, House of Gucci, and others were released, which made massive noise in the theaters.

We still have a few months until 2023, and if you still need to catch up with some of the best movies of the year, now is your chance! We have made your work easy by making a list of all the best films of 2022, which is worth a movies

The worst person in the world

If you’re in the mood for some live speculating drama, this is the movie to start with! The viewers also stated that the movie was highly relatable to all the audience as it talks about a young woman who juggles her love life and career and struggles to make a decision.

The Batman

No movie buff can go wrong with this movie. If you have followed the series before, this is your chance to view the latest one. Robert Pattinson plays the role of Batman. However, critics say his accent in the movie is so absurd that people cannot see the movie past without subtitles.

Everything, Everywhere, all at once

In 2022, movie buffs needed something different other than the catching story – they needed diversity in cinematography. Hence, the directors took this note and introduced the world of the multiverse with great visuals and graphics. This is a multiverse movie that can get you hooked to your seats. Michelle Yeoh, the star of the movie, speculates to justify the choices in her life and whether she would be better off if she took a different path in life for herself. If you’re emotional and empathetic, then it is recommended to sit with a box of tissues, as we are sure the movie will make you sob.

Top Gun Maverik

Top Gun Maverik

If you’ve never watched this movie, you’re missing out on something big. The theme song should get you excited and send chills down your spine. Apart from the excellent cinematography and storyline, it casts almost all of Hollywood’s attractive men. We have stated enough reasons to watch the movie; now go grab popcorn and watch it!


The creator of Get Out and Us is the director of this movie, which is another excellent movie that is hard to search on Google. We only want to give a little information about the film, but it is about a set of siblings who realize that the alien life form is causing havoc on their ranch. So they set out on a mission to solve the mystery.

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