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Year-End Voting 2015

Posted December 5, 2015 by Max in Awards


Here we are. The end of the 2015 year of films. While there is one potential heavy hitter out there (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), ballots were due and I feel confident in my selections for this year. According to my letterboxd page, I’ve seen 87 of the films released this year. While not perhaps as many as others, I feel that these are the cream of the crop if you will. If you would like the full results of the voting check out BOFCA.

The year started with Blackhat and ended with The Hateful Eight. Talk about a jump in quality. If you haven’t seen all the films listed or even any of them, I encourage you to check them out. Some of the honorable mentions include The Hateful Eight, 45 Years, Straight Outta Compton, The RevenantSicario, and The Big Short.

Also let me know some of your favorite films of the year. Perhaps there’s one I really need to check out.


Best Picture:

  1. Spotlight
  2. Mad Max: Fury Road
  3. The Duke of Burgundy
  4. Brooklyn
  5. Steve Jobs
  6. Youth
  7. Carol
  8. Room
  9. Clouds of Sils Maria
  10. Creed
Best Director:
  1. George Miller for Mad Max: Fury Road
  2. Tom McCarthy for Spotlight
  3. Todd Haynes for Carol
Best Actor:
  1. Michael Caine for Youth
  2. Leonardo Dicaprio for The Revenant
  3. Michael Fassbender for Steve Jobs
Best Actress:
  1. Saoirse Ronan for Brooklyn
  2. Brie Larson for Room
  3. Rooney Mara for Carol
Best Supporting Actor:
  1. Mark Ruffalo for Spotlight
  2. Paul Dano for Love & Mercy
  3. Sylvester Stallone for Creed
Best Supporting Actress:
  1. Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl
  2. Charlize Theron for Mad Max: Fury Road
  3. Jennifer Jason Leigh for The Hateful Eight
Best Screenplay:
  1. Spotlight
  2. Steve Jobs
  3. Inside Out
Best Foreign Language Film:
  1. Phoenix
  2. Mustang
  3. Taxi
Best Documentary:
  1. Amy
  2. Where to Invade Next
  3. Best of Enemies
Best Animated:
  1. The Prophet
  2. Inside Out
  3. Anomalisa
Best Cinematography:
  1. Roger Deakins for Sicario
  2. Emmanuel Lubezki for The Revenant
  3. John Seale for Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Editing:
  1. Mad Max: Fury Road
  2. Spotlight
  3. Creed
Best Original Score:
  1. Mad Max: Fury Road
  2. It Follows
  3. Inside Out
Best Ensemble:
  1. Spotlight
  2. Brooklyn
  3. The Hateful Eight

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