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What Have You Been Watching? #15

Posted October 29, 2012 by Max in Discuss

Every Monday we can talk about what we watched over the weekend. I’d enjoy hearing what new movies, games, or televisions shows were seen over the weekend. This is what I’ve been watching this weekend/past week

What Have You Been Watching?

October 29th 2012 Edition

What’s new this week? I’ve been exploring some horror films in the past week. Most of them were extremely good. Not surprising I guess given their pedigree over the years. I also saw a screener of Silver Linings Playbook and reviewed Cloud Atlas. I hope to have full reviews of most of the films on this list especially The Thing ’82 which would qualify for one of my Blind Spot ’12 films. Looking for work has taken a back seat this week and hasn’t been going all that well. We’re about to be hit by Hurricane Sandy, so I don’t know if we’ll have power in the next few days. If we don’t I hope everyone has safe and fun Halloween.


Halloween ’78 – I just so happened to watch two John Carpenter horror movies in the last seven days. Both films are vastly different in their approach, but they obviously they’re both effective. Full Review Coming Soon.

The Thing ’82 – Review coming soon

Cabin in the Woods – Needless to say this is even different than what I expected. While there is a ton of gore, I feel as though it was not nearly as disturbing as The Thing. I highly recommend this and while it isn’t necessarily horrific, its a fun horror movie. The full review will contain spoilers. 


Silver Linings Playbook – While their was a fantastic review posted here originally, I plan on reviewing this myself as well. I would say that its the feel-good film of the year and look forward to a positive review.

Cloud Atlas – Review


Video Games:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – The game works so much better when you name the soldiers after your friends. It’s extremely unforgiving and I’m thankful for that. I’m actually playing the PC version with a XBOX remote and works better than you’d imagine. If your looking for something original and challenging this gaming season XCOM easily fits the bill.


Now it’s your turn! What did you watch this weekend?

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