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What Have You Been Watching? #10

Posted September 10, 2012 by Max in Discuss

Every Monday we can talk about what we watched over the weekend. I’d enjoy hearing what new movies, games, or televisions shows were seen over the weekend. This is what I’ve been watching this weekend.

What Have You Been Watching?

September 10th 2012 Edition

What happened to the last week? It seems to have flown by. While the movie news has come to a crawl thanks to the multiple film festivals occurring, movie watching hasn’t stopped here. I have a few films to talk about as well as a new game. This week led to a Networking breakthrough as I have connected with some important media professionals in the Boston area. I hope some of them can at the very least turn into informational interviews. This week I have a RIFC (Rhode Island Film Collaborative) meeting to attend on Tuesday. Also, I have a seminar to attend on Saturday about one of my favorite areas of film creation, Post-Production. Hopefully these meetings can lead to further leads. At least I’m trying, right?

On to the Entertainment!


Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX– A brand new restoration of Raiders of the Lost Ark is coming to Blu-ray next week. In celebration of the release, some IMAX theaters showed the film on IMAX screens. What more could be said about the film? It is easily one of my favorite action films of all-time and it was sheer joy to see it on the big screen. There were some apparent flaws with the footage whether it was focus issues or the usage of stock footage in some scenes. So many people know about the mishaps, that they have become part of the experience. I was also pleased with how film grain was apparent. They didn’t smooth out this picture.

Sleepless in Seattle – I never wanted to see Sleepless in Seattle because I thought it was actually While You Were Sleeping. I can’t believe I had those two movies confused for so long! While this film had a lot of similarities to When Harry Met Sally, it doesn’t reach that crowning achievement. However, I am now sold on the idea that Meg Ryan is my favorite protagonist in Romantic Comedies. Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock don’t even come close.

Video Games:

Mark of the Ninja – I bought this on a whim on Saturday due to some fantastic reviews. For those who don’t know about it…Mark of the Ninja is a 2D Stealth game from the creators of Shank. While I was never interested in the premise of Shank, I thought the art style was really unique. Thankfully, Mark of the Ninja mixes that art style with fantastic gameplay. I’d recommend giving this sleeper title a look.


Football started this week so I spent most of Sunday watching all the games.

Now it’s your turn! What did you watch this weekend?

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Wikipedia: A ninja or shinobi was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare.

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