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VOTW: Mt. Head

Posted March 24, 2012 by Max in Videos

I’ve had the privilege to be shown some incredible new videos to share. Check out this new video: Atama Yama (Mt. Head), as the second film in the new series Video on the Weekend (VOTW).

Mt. Head


Koji Yamamura


Aaron Berman (subtitles), Shoji Yonemura


Takeharu Kunimoto

A miserly man eats the pits of some cherries he can’t stand throwing out. A tree starts growing from the top of his head. He cuts it off; it grows back. After a while, he gives up and lets it grow, but the crowds that gather on top of his head to enjoy the tree (and leave huge mounds of trash) eventually drive him to uproot the tree. This leaves a crater on top of his head, which fills with water, which becomes a popular lake.

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