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Uncharted Feature has new Director – Neil Burger

Posted July 8, 2011 by Max in Featured

Variety broke the news that Neil Burger, Director of Limitless, will take the helm of Sony’s Uncharted Movie.

It’s great that it didn’t take long to get someone else in the Directors’ chair. This is easily Sony’s most acclaimed video game series in years, thanks to developer Naughty Dog, and it seems perfect for a big screen adaptation. The relationships in the game are compelling on a level typically reserved for films and it would be great to see another Indiana Jones style adventure series.

This also means there is a new script in the works. From rumors it seems that the first script penned by David O’Russell wasn’t that hot. Hopefully, this means a change in casting for Drake. Mark Wahlberg just doesn’t seem to fit the character at all. Now, let’s get this film properly casted Sony.

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