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Tron: Legacy Sequel Back on Track Thanks to New Writer

Posted June 8, 2011 by Max in Featured


According to THRDavid DiGilio (Eight Below) has been tapped to write the sequel to Tron: Legacy.

The article mentions Tron: Legacy making 400$ million dollars internationally, but since it cost so much to make it was only seen as moderately profitable. The film was received lukewarm by critics, but there is a proven audience for the franchise. A lot of the assets used in Tron: Legacy could be reused for the sequel making the cost far less than the original.

I enjoyed Tron: Legacy a lot more after my second viewing. I stopped expecting it to be a second-coming of Sci-Fi and instead a fun genre film with Jeff Bridges. If they do make a sequel, I’ll gladly take another trip to the grid.

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