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Top 10 Science-Fiction Films: Number 5

Posted June 6, 2011 by Max in Featured

5. Gattaca


‘A genetically inferior man assumes the identity of a superior one in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel. ~ IMDB’

Gattaca is a Sci-Fi that just entered my consensus recently with its Blu-ray release and now every time I recommend a good science-fiction movie, this is the one I say. A wonderfully casted film, Gattaca delights with the talent of Ethan Hawk, Uma Thurman, and Jude Law. The film was directed and written by Andrew Niccol who also wrote one of my favorite drama’s in The Truman Show. Gattaca brings an interesting dilemma into the world which could very well be possible someday, that parents would be able to choose which genetics would form their offspring. This would certainly bring even more separation of power and wealth though and create seemingly unattainable dreams for those who weren’t genetically engineered correctly. I love the climax of this film as well. A swimming contest between two brothers and the limitations that arise during the contest between them. Gattaca probably doesn’t get mentioned enough, but now it is.

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