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Takeaways From TIFF14

Posted September 22, 2014 by Max in Festivals/Conventions I saw many of my friends compile similar lists, I will now go through some of the more memorable things I learned and enjoyed during my time in Toronto.

  1. The currency in Toronto includes coins in denominations of 1 and 2 dollars. Do not just toss these into tip jars.
  2. If you can help it…Don’t see a film in Roy Thompson Hall. They have plenty of seats but the amount of good to bad seats is staggering.
  3. The prices for soda and candy at the Scotiabank theater are the most affordable I’ve ever witnessed.
  4. Opening Night film does not mean best film.
  5. Some people will camp out to take photos of celebrities. Thank you for your effort, but that is not for me.
  6. Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet might be the most surprising film of the festival (in a good way).
  7. Whereas While We’re Young might just be the best of TIFF14.
  8. Having great friends can certainly increase the enjoyment of TIFF exponentially. I’d like to thank Ryan, Hillary, Andrew, and Sam especially for showing us the ropes.
  9. Q&A usually means three questions of varying quality. Mostly bad.
  10. The ticketing system is a lottery. Sometimes you get the worst selection time.
  11. If you’re diligent you can get tickets to any show. Honest truth.
  12. Looking forward to next year and all the films we didn’t get to see.
  13. No matter how many you see, it won’t ever be enough.

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