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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 2

Figured I’d update the trailer section with one the biggest trailers of the year.

J. J. Abrams to Direct STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

According to The Wrap, The director for Star Wars Episode VII has been revealed, and it is J. J. Abrams. 

Guillermo Del Toro Says He Turned Down STAR WARS: EPISODE VII; Who Will Direct It?

Remember way back to November 2012. Guillermo Del Toro said he wasn’t asked to direct Star Wars: Episode VII, and he hadn’t really thought it would’ve been possible. There were a bunch of directors on fans wish-li...

Disney buys LucasFilm: Star Wars VII is Happening

Believe it or not, Disney has bought LucasFilm and has decided they will release Star Wars episode VII in 2015.

Trilogy Thursday: Star Wars (Original Trilogy)

Hi everyone, Max from Impassionedcinema and Clair from Cinematic Delights are back to talk about another trilogy. Today, we tackle probably the most popular trilogy of all-time, Star Wars. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Max: ...