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Review: Ides of March- Too Big to Fail…Right?

I get the feeling that ‘Ides of March’ would like to consider itself as being witty for highlighting political corruption for the movie going masses; however, anyone interested in this film, already knows that corruption is...


Ryan Gosling Thinking Early Retirement

With ‘Drive‘ roaring into theaters this past weekend and ‘The Ides of March‘ coming up, Ryan Gosling‘s light is shining brighter than ever. It was disappointing to learn this morning that Gosling i...


Gangster Squad – Stacked with Incredible Talent

I admit, I wasn’t keeping a keen eye on the upcoming film, Gangster Squad. Shame on me because this film is shaping up to be one star studded affair. Today, it was announced [via Deadline] that Nick Nolte will be joining ...


Drive – International Trailer

Nicolas Winding Refn has a winner on his hands with Drive and a new international trailer has been released. Coming Soon had the link to the trailer which adds some new footage and features a song from the films soundtrack. Th...


Drive Trailer

I meant to get this up before, but time was a factor. Drive was shown at Cannes and more recently Comic Con 2011. The film has received extremely positive buzz and if not for Tree of Life, I feel it could’ve won the Canne...