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Review: Rush

Daniel Bruhl as Nicky Lauda is career-making and it's exciting to imagine what future performances Bruhl will take on next.

Warner Bros. in Talks to Take on The Dark Tower

The road to make The Dark Tower might be equal to the hero’s journey in the novels. Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman and Brian Grazer have their ideas for a very ambitious adaptation that would involve three films and two conne...


Javier Bardem still with ‘The Dark Tower’ as it Seeks Funding

According to New York Post/Page Six, they recently had an opportunity to talk to Brain Grazier and he said “[we’re] trying to get outside financing to make it, and distribute it through a major [studio].” Despite Univ...

Universal Passes on Stephen King ‘The Dark Tower’

I guess I was still in mourning period so I haven’t posted this till now. Deadline reported that Universal has taken a pass on The Dark Tower, destroying current plans for a movie trilogy and tv series run. The series is ...

Javier Bardem Offered Lead in ‘The Dark Tower’

Javier Bardem has been offered the lead role in “The Dark Tower” series. Other actors that were considered for the role include Viggo Mortensen and Christian Bale. “The Dark Tower” is said to be Stephen ...