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Review: Eden

Eden is a painstakingly loving tribute to the UK garage music of the early 90’s.


From Up On Poppy Hill Review

From Up On Poppy Hill retains the rich history of Ghibli while telling a very personal story that should resonate with plenty of viewers.

Elysium Review

Is Elysium the worst movie of the summer? Not by a long shot. The biggest problem is that the expectations were astronomical after the success of Blomkamp’s previous film. It falls short with little thought behind its scien...

Pacific Rim Review

  Pacific Rim is this summer’s biggest success story. Those expecting a deep, philosophical story will be sorely disappointed. What they will get is easily the most fun that can be had at the box office this year. Whe...


Oz: The Great and Powerful flits audiences back into the wonderful world of Oz. It is in a sense, a prequel to the events that occurred in the classicWizard of Oz. Instead of being a story about Dorothy and her dog, this new t...