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2017 Oscar Predictions

Hello anyone who still comes here. If you haven’t seen me in awhile, I now am freelancing full-time and you can find my work at Film School Rejects every Monday. Anyways…I figured since I’m still paying for th...


2016 Oscar Predictions

We’ve come to the end of another Oscar season. The 88th Annual Academy Awards is tonight. I feel confident in most of my predictions besides of course: Best Picture. It’s been a wild year and thankfully it could be ...


Oscars 2012: Final Predictions

Well here we are the evening before the Oscar ceremony celebrating 2011’s selection of films. It’s been a long road and while I do believe some films were over-shadowed, they stuck with nine nominees this year which...


2012 Oscar Predictions: Prepare For Surprises

Here are my final predictions for Oscar Nominees. I don’t really think Drive will be nominated for best picture, but I put it in there for hope. I’m sure this list is pretty sound and I look forward to the nominatio...


Golden Globe 2012: Predicting the Winners

Tonight is of the big ones. The 2012 Golden Globe award ceremony is tonight. While I think most of the locks for Oscar consideration have been figured out at this point, this is always a fun award show. Ricky Gervais is back to...