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Discuss: Films You Love, but Don’t Need to Watch Again

I think about this pretty often. There are movies that are spectacularly well done or courageous in their message that we will stand on mountain cliffs and announce their glory.


Review: Thor

Thor has some problems with the story setup and typical summer-fare gags, but it is one of the better comic-book origin stories.

Emma Stone for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Emma Stone is ready to add more zombie heads to her mantle. She is in talks to take the lead in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies after Natalie Portman dropped out of the role. The lead role of course is Elizabeth Bennet, the l...

Theater Releases – 5/06

Last week, Fast Five blew away expectations.  Fast Five, 5th film in Fast & Furious Franchise, pulled in over 80 million. Production on the 6th film in the franchise is being green lit as I write this, so if you’re a...


Theater Releases – 4/08

Last week, ‘Hop’ proved talking animals brings Box Office success even if your movie is stale, making ‘Hop’ the number 1 grossing movie in America last week.  ‘Source Code’ managed to do res...