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LAMBcast #121 – Brave

On this latest episode of the LAMBcast, I team up with Sebastian of Films from the Supermassive Black Hole, Vern of The Vern’s Videovanguard, Nick Rehak from French Toast Sunday, and newcomer Erik of The Movie Review Ware...


Top 10 Movies of 2011

Well, here it is.  The only rule I really applied to this list is that the films must have been released in some fashion in the US this year; thats it.  There wasn’t a lengthy round-table or a huge discussion with ...

Flick News – June 2011

A new feature I want to highlight. I’m going to be highlighting the work of some other movie bloggers and I hope you check out their sites as well. Split reel has an interesting feature going on where she is watching a ne...


Two Explosion-Filled Transformers: Dark of the Moon TV Spots

Two new TV spots for Transformers: Dark of the Moon were shown last night during the American Idol Finale. Check out the TV spots below.


First Look: Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

The first image of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises surfaced on the web yesterday. Tom Hardy looks pretty menacing in this still. Production has just started on the film so expect a lot more images coming out soon. The Dark Knig...