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Frances Ha Trailer

Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to seeĀ Noah Baumbach’s, Frances Ha. The movie follows the life of 27-year-oldĀ Frances (Greta Gerwig), who never gives up her dreams no matter how hard things get. It gets so ...


Blind Spot 2012 Review: Vivre sa Vie

Vivre sa Vie is unique as it is abrupt, its more about the style than the substance.

Wednesday Links

In order to be a better community leader, I’ve decided to open up a new weekly post highlighting the stories you can’t miss in the LAMB blogging network. Check out some of the best from the past week: Cinema Sights ...


Review: Submarine

Richard Ayoade has created something great with his first feature-length film. Submarine captures the enigmatic Oliver Tate and his adolescent experiences in love. Ayoade knows exactly what he wants to make with Submarine, an a...