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Friends With Kids Trailer – Bridesmaids Reunion?

Bridesmaids was one of the betterĀ comediesĀ of 2011. It even has an outside chance of being nominated for best film. So, it makes sense then that someone would gather most of the cast and put them in another movie together rig...

Review: Bridesmaids

Annie has seen better days. Annie is involved in a relationship that is going nowhere and she has lost her bakery due to the recession. Her best friend, Lillian,is engaged and now she must stand up to the plate and be the best ...


Theater Releases – 5/13

Last week Thor thunder-clapped his way to number 1 at the box office. It wasn’t as impressive as the Fast Five opening bow, but at just about $60 million we may see another Thor solo adventure somewhere down the line. Fas...