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FYC: Impassionedcinema for The 2012 LAMB Awards

Hello everyone. The 2012 Lammys kicked off officially last night. This post is to remind you of the upcoming awards and ask you to remember Impassionedcinema when you cast your ballots! For those of you missed it we did a Podc...


IFFBoston 2012 – 24 Hours at The South Street Diner Q&A

Director Melissa Dowler of 24 Hours at The South Street Diner took some time last week to speak with Impassionedcinema after the IFFBoston 2012 premier. 24 Hours At The South Street diner follows a full day in the life of the ...


Oscars 2012: Results

The results are in!


Oscars 2012: Final Predictions

Well here we are the evening before the Oscar ceremony celebrating 2011’s selection of films. It’s been a long road and while I do believe some films were over-shadowed, they stuck with nine nominees this year which...


Oscars 2012 Nominations: Shocks and Disappointments

Oscar Nomination morning is sort of like Christmas here. I kept waking up hoping that I wouldn’t miss it. That’s when you know you really love something. Now on to the cheers and jeers. Cheers: The Tree Of Life for ...