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Films Seen in 2011

I kept a tally this year of all the films I’ve seen. Some of them I had seen before, a lot of them I hadn’t seen. Bolded below are all films released in 2011 (USA) that I’ve seen. From this list I will hope to...


2011 Award Winners: Boston, San Francisco, NYOnline, LAFCA

The onslaught of critics awards continues with winners from BSFC, SFFCC, NYFCO, LAFCA being announced recently. Notes: The Artist continues to shine above the others picking up best picture, although Tree of Life and The Descen...


AFI Top 10 of 2011

The AFI announced their list of top films of 2011 today. This is the films that made the list. The top 10 AFI movies of 2011: “Bridesmaids,” “The Descendants,” “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,R...


Top 5: Video Games of 2011

I decided I’d throw together a few best of lists to let fans Impassionedcinema understand what else I enjoy. I think I’ll do a post of Video Games, Anime, and then Films. These are the best games of 2011. 5. Batman:...


Video: The 2011 Portfolio of Films

Would you like to reminisce about the year 2011 in films? Well YouTube user hatinhand has created the video for you! Taking scenes from 166 and this years films and filling in the blanks with music from some of this years fil...