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Guest Post: Snuggle with these Christmas Classics

This is a fantastic Christmas post from last year. If you’ve never seen it, now is the best time to enjoy it!


VOTW: The Applicant

I’ve had the privilege of seeing some incredible new videos I want to share. Check out this new video: The Applicant, as the eighth film in the new series Video on the Weekend (VOTW).   An Applicant. An Interviewer. An o...


2012 Oscar Predictions: Prepare For Surprises

Here are my final predictions for Oscar Nominees. I don’t really think Drive will be nominated for best picture, but I put it in there for hope. I’m sure this list is pretty sound and I look forward to the nominatio...


2011 Writers Guild of America (WGA) Nominations

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has announced their 2011 nominees. [It’s important to note that the following films were deemed ineligible:  “The Artist,” “Drive,” “Martha Marcy May M...


PGA 2011 Award Nominees

The Producers Guild of America (PGA) announced their nominees today. The PGA is usually one of the three big groups that influence a film’s Oscar chances along with the DGA and WGA. The titles nominated are listed below i...