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Spellbinding trailer for Makoto Shinkai’s The Garden of Words

Posted July 29, 2013 by Max in Trailers

Garden of Words

The latest film from Makoto Shinkai (Voices of a Distant Star, Children Who Chase Lost Voices) is now available. The Garden of Words focuses on the relationship between a young man and an older woman. It seems as though Shinkai is again exploring the distance between two characters which has always been the crux of his work. This isn’t a bad thing by any means since Shinkai is always able to explore distance in such an elegant fashion.

Garden of Words continues the beauty one can expect from a Shinkai film as well because Garden of Words is spellbinding in motion. Having seen the film myself, I can’t recommend it enough and would suggest fans of acclaimed director Hayao Miyazaki to check it out as well.

If you would like to see The Garden of Words for yourself, please follow this link to get your copy today from the great folks at New Video Digital/Cinedigm who are digitally distributing the film on iTunes.


When Takao, a young high school student, decides to skip school one day in favor of sketching in a rainy garden, he meets the older and mysterious Yukino and they form a strong bond. Through random meetings in the rain, their relationship becomes more than just chance encounters.

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