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Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

Posted March 19, 2011 by Max in Review

How far is too far to prove the justice system is broken? The Lincoln Lawyer depicts a man willing to defend his client in the harshest circumstances.

Matthew McConaughey is back. After a string of lackluster rom-coms the actor proves he’s more than just a nice face. McConaughey plays the role of Mick Haller, a defense lawyer who believes both sides of the law should get an equal chance. His office may be out of his car, but he’s got connections with all the right people.

His trusted partner is retired ex-cop, Frank Levin played by William H. Macy. Levin gets the scoop about each crime and is able to dig for facts the cops seem to miss.

Haller is informed of a client who will pay a large sum to get off a massive sentence. The young Louis Roulet played by Ryan Phillippe is charge with assault with a deadly weapon and faces years behind the slammer. Haller thinks its easy money because Roulet will probably want a plea bargain. What he doesn’t know is that Roulet will be the most dangerous client he’s ever represented.

Marisa Tomei plays Maggie McPherson who loves Haller, but understands they can’t be together since they are attorneys that represent different sides of the law. She will come to his aid whenever he needs her, but its never explained how things went sour. Tomei seems under used in her role, but the film really belongs to McConaughey.

The Lincoln Lawyer is an excellent story with a cast just as strong. After the film, there’s a sense that McConaughey has made the character his own and I can see a franchise coming from the success. The Lincoln Lawyer comes Highly Recommended.

3.5 Hearts / 5

The Lincoln Lawyer
Directed by Brad Furman
Starring: Marisa Tomei, Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Phillippe
In Theaters Now

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