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Review: The Muppets

Posted November 28, 2011 by Max in Review

After years of being out of the picture, are The Muppets still relevant?

The whole Muppet crew is back in the new feature film by James Bobin and Jason Segal. They come as close as possible to a new vision that would make Jim Henson proud. While there have been many films this year that have providedĀ nostalgia, none of them can measure up to The Muppets.

Gary (Jason Segal) and his brother Walter live in happy little town called Small Town. Gary has the perfect schoolteacher girlfriend in Mary (Amy Adams) and things couldn’t be more swell. Except that Walter isn’t really seen as part of the crowd. He struggles due to his small size and just doesn’t understand why he doesn’t fit in. Perhaps it could be because he is a Muppet himself? Nah. On a vacation the three of them take to Hollywood, they visit the old Muppet studios.

Muppet studios is in a decrepit state. Everything is old and breaking down and it seems like The Muppets just aren’t relevant anymore. Oil tycoon, Tex Richman (Chris Cooper), buys the studio in the hope of destroying it and harvesting the oil underneath it. Walter overhears this tragic news and does the only thing he can do, try to get The Muppets back together to save the studio.

The Muppets movie really hits all the right notes. There’s the slapstick the Muppets are well known for as well as a good amount of wholesome comedy the family can enjoy. The soundtrack is easily one of the highlights of the film. I remember hating musical numbers when they showed up in a movie as a kid, but these musical interludes are spectacular. Written by Bret McKenzie (One-half of Flight of the Conchords), the songs are smart and self referential. Even musical selections that include remixes are wonderfully done.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without Jason Segal. The Muppets was his pet project because he wanted so much to bring Kermit and Miss Piggy back into the limelight. A lot of classic moments from previous Muppet movies have been referenced here with the utmost care to the original material. Your not human if you don’t cry during some of the most heartwarming moments.

It’s been far too long since The Muppets have been on the big screen. The Muppets never died, they were unfortunately in the wrong hands for a number of years. Now that there is a creative team that has shown the care that is needed, hopefully we’ll see multiple new adventures from our Muppet friends. Jason Segal and company have a winner on their hand providing the highest quality of family entertainment. Kermit, Miss Piggy, we missed you. Welcome back.


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