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Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Review

Posted December 16, 2011 by Max in Review

Brad Bird has done it again. After The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, this is his first time directing a live-action film. I can’t believe the results. This is easily one of the most entertaining films of the year.

Ethan Hunt is back in a big way. Tom Cruise has once again proven himself as an actor, delivers breathtaking vistas and incredible stunts. Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol beings with Hunt being released from a prison. The entire scene is filmed using IMAX cameras and really adds to the excitement. Cruise’s Hunt is in control the whole time and knows exactly what he needs to do. There’s a chaotic precision to his character that no one else is able convey as well. The plot is basically there to move the action set pieces along, but needless to say Ethan Hunt has to stop a nuclear holocaust between the United States and Russia.

The biggest question mark going into this new adventure was why return to the franchise. Mission: Impossible 3 was a well received movie, but did terribly at the box office. Cruise is an aging superstar, making his action abilities less believable. Well that’s what might’ve been. Cruise doesn’t show any sign of aging with his character, briskly keeping up with the action. I would love to know how much he was involved with the actual stunts, but some of these are absolutely jaw dropping. While watching the film in IMAX, the newly dubbed ‘Dubai Building’ scene, is breathtaking. There’s a high level of tension because the feeling of vertigo is real. The overwhelming feeling of suspense is greater than any moment I felt in a 3D picture this year. If you have an IMAX theater near you, I highly recommend checking out the film in an IMAX theater.

The cast is rounded out nicely with a few characters. Considering the scope of Mission: Impossible the amount of characters introduced could really get out of hand, but the film mostly stuck with three supporting team members. Jeremy Renner makes a welcome appearance here showing off some more of his action chops before taking on the Bourne series, while Simon Pegg and Paula Patton add the comedy and sex appeal. Brad Bird seemed completely in control of this film never letting it get off track and keeping a brisk pacing throughout. I never thought this ran too long and only wished there was more of it.

There’s been a lot of great action movies this year. Some I haven’t seen, but Super 8 and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, instantly come to mind. Well the action in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol blows those films away. In fact I can’t think of a more entertaining, purely action movie that would compete with this in the last two years. It is a highly enjoyable, smart action film that will leave audiences completely satisfied. Tom Cruise and Brad Bird prove why it was important to make another Mission: Impossible film, it’s just that damn fun.

5 Hearts / 5

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