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Review: Bridesmaids

Posted September 20, 2011 by Max in Review


Annie has seen better days.

Annie is involved in a relationship that is going nowhere and she has lost her bakery due to the recession. Her best friend, Lillian,is engaged and now she must stand up to the plate and be the best Maid-Of-Honor she can be. It’s very difficult for Annie as she wishes her life was going as smoothly as Lillian’s.

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Annie’s best friend Lillian has found a new best friend in Heather,who is prettier, richer, and younger, who will stop at nothing to put a wrench in Annie’s plans.

Starring and co-written by Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids hits all the right notes in this female-centric, raunchy, comedy. Kristen Wiig carries the film as Annie marvelously depicting a woman spiraling into despair. The director chair is occupied by Freaks and Geeks collaborator Paul Feig and the film is co-produced by Judd Apatow. If 40-Year-Old Virgin was the take off Steve Carell needed, perhaps Kristen Wiig will become a new star.

bridesmaid_film_entering bridal salon

Bridesmaids is more than just a single actress though. This is a collaborative piece with many strong performances. The two that stand out the most are the roles from Chris O’Dowd and Melissa McCarthy. Chris O’Down, best known for his role in The IT Crowd, plays a cop who is well-mannered enough, but he is just too right for Wiig’s Annie to take seriously. Whereas McCarthy’s role as Megan is able to bring the laughs at every turn. She captures the frame by herself and is able to control multiple scenes in Bridesmaids.

There are many key sequences in Bridesmaids, similar to other Apatow productions 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. These scenes offer spleen-splitting levels of hilarity, but they do feel forced into the picture. The only other mis-step is the rival, Heather. There are absolutely no surprises when it comes to her character right down to when we are expected to feel bad for her.


It’s refreshing to see a comedy featuring women get into the gross-out humor range. Where women are usually playing second fiddle to men, Bridesmaids will hopefully lead the way for future female comedic adventures. Kristen Wiig is able to do all this grotesque humor in stride. From her great impersonation of a penis to her uncomfortably bad toasts, Wiig carries it all. The Maid-Of-Honor always comes in second place, but with Bridesmaids, Wiig will have many looking her way.

4 Hearts / 5


Bridesmaids (2011)

Directed by Paul Feig
Starring Kristen WiigMaya Rudolph and Rose Byrne

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