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Red-Band Trailer: For A Good Time, Call

Posted June 18, 2012 by Max in Trailers

A new raunchy girl comedy is coming to a theater near you. For A Good Time, Call features Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor in story about two desperate for money roommates decide to open their own phone sex service hotline. One of the two girls is very hesitant to the idea to being with, but when the economy stops her from getting work, she let’s her inner sex goddess awake. The Red-Band trailer presented here has all the cursing intact, so revel in the crassness of For A Good Time, Call

For A Good Time, Call hits theaters in limited release August 31.

Official synopsis:

About to be homeless in New York City, enemies Katie and Lauren concede to living together. At first it’s war– Lauren’s hair dangles on the bathroom soap and Katie’s orgasms can be heard from down the hall. But when the girls team up to start their own dirty hotline, a genuine friendship is forged through fake orgasms. Before they know it, Katie is training Lauren how to moan like a pro, lie about what underwear she’s actually wearing and admit that she’ll lick anything. Through a romance with a caller and Lauren’s phone-sexual awakening, the girls learn that just because someone pees in your hair in college, doesn’t mean they won’t change your life ten years later.

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