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‘Dead Island’ Literal Trailer

Yes, I’m sorry I’m showing this trailer again.  It was amazing the first time now it is just hilarious. Youtube user Tobuscus adds words to trailers singing exactly what he sees. Check out the ‘Dead Island&#...

Cameron Diaz Showing her Bad Side in ‘Bad Teacher’ Trailer

This is such a breath of fresh air.  Cameron Diaz has been awful for at least the last ten years and this could be a special type of film for her.  According to THR, Bad Teacher is directed by Jake Kasdan and hits theaters ...

Steve Carell Goes Dramatic in ‘Dogs of Babel’

Steve Carell is set to star in the adaptation of ‘The Dogs of Babel‘. ‘Dogs of Babel’ is a national bestseller by Carolyn Packhurt, that follows the story of Paul Iverson who returns one day to find his ...

‘Sucker Punch’ Trailer 3

Yahoo! Movies has just released the third trailer from ‘Sucker Punch’ Zack Snyder’s newest action film. Snyder, best known for directing 300 and Watchmen, is bringing another highly stylized film that has his ...

norwegian wood

‘Norwegian Wood’ Trailer

I was just lucky enough to hear about this small Japanese movie ‘Norwegian Wood‘ while visiting AwardsDaily. Featured in the footage below the film is a coming-of-age story told in flashbacks staring Rinko Kikuchi a...