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NYCC 2011: Days 2 and 3

Posted October 17, 2011 by Max in Festivals/Conventions

Since this is being written a few days later, I don’t have the exact times everything happened.

  • Got into the ending of the Bandai Entertainment panel Saturday morning. That was a snore fest.
  • I tried to get Scott Snyder‘s signature (American Vampire, Batman), but I missed it because I was hypnotized by the giveaways at the Marvel ‘Avengers‘ Booth. Granted, I was able to get his signature on Sunday, but at the time I was disappointed.
  • Grabbed a quick bite to eat and then my Saturday was spent in the IGN Theater.  New York Comic Conhad this wonderful idea to not clear rooms between panels. What this lead to was people camping out all day in the IGN Theater to catch the big panels in the end of the day (Walking Dead, Avengers). Needless to say I was in there from 2 pm until 8 pm, but I caught a lot of different panels including those aforementioned.
    • First, there was a panel for the television show ‘Nikita’. I guess this is loosely based on the earlier incarnations of the character ‘Le Femme Nikita‘, but this doesn’t interest me either. During the Q & A, all the audience could talk about is how beautiful the main actors were. I think the only actor on the show I have any interest in is, Xander Berkley (24, Gattaca), but he didn’t show up.
    • Then there was a panel for some upcoming Sony movies. This included trailers for Underworld: Awakening and Total Recall, as well as, a conversation with the directors of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Although I have no interest in Ghost Rider, the directors are certainly the right guys for the film. Hopefully, they can pull off a successful movie with this character, but somehow I doubt it.
    • Hearing the screams from next door of the people who were turned away was quite frightening. Even more than what was shown at the ‘Walking Dead’ panel.
    • Robert Kirkman and a few cast members were present to show off footage from the premier and take some Q & A.
    • The main event, of probably the convention for me, was ‘The Avengers’ panel. I’m not sure how they could’ve gotten more people in there to see it than they did, but I’m sure thousands were turned away. They showed the new trailer on the big screen which was fun. Then the big surprise was that Mark Ruffalo was there and they were going to show some new Hulk footage. This was awesome since there are so many questions regarding Ruffalo as The Hulk; the scene was quite convincing.

Finally, here is a photo dump of the stuff shown at NYCC. Hope you’ve enjoyed this coverage and I look forward to even more extensive coverage next year with live reporting!

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