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National Association of Theater Owners Want Shorter Trailers

Posted May 30, 2013 by Max in Film News

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Trailers have really gotten out of hand in the last few years. Not only is there a cavalcade of trailers for any given movie, but most of them show the most important story beats. I found myself turning away from the countless Man of Steel or Star Trek trailers. That could be only a problem for someone who covers films because just how many of these trailers is the average filmgoer watching? Who knows. There is really only one thing for certain and that’s the National Association of Theater Owners want shorter movie trailers with less spoilers.

According to Screen Rant, National Association of Theater Owners have urged movie studios to give a broader sense of an upcoming film property instead of delving into all of its secrets. They also hope that trailers will come in a designated time (unlike the 3-minute R.I.P.D. trailer) –and be trimmed down from 2.5 minutes to two minutes flat.

There’s a time and a place for lengthy movie trailers and it’s not in the movie theaters. Last year, Cloud Atlas has a six-minute plus trailer and it was impossible to actually tell what the movie was about. We’ll see how movie studios react to this plea. Do you think trailers have gotten too long and have too many spoilers?


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