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MyFilmViews Movie Products Blogathon

Posted February 13, 2012 by Max in Featured

Nostra over at MyFilmviews has decided to run a new blog-a-thon! This time, in movie history there are these products everyone would like to get their hands on and try them out. Check out our answers below!

Which movie would you find in your own Pulp Fiction briefcase?

I’d want a Criterion version of my favorite movie ever Lost In Translation. Criterion is known for their high production values, so I would get a lot more information on the film since the current Blu-ray doesn’t have much. I’d love to hear a commentary track with Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray about their experiences during the film. If I could ever replicate the adventures of a film, I’d want to do most of what they did in Japan.

If you had a Back to the Future DeLorean, which movie related time period would you travel?

In this case I’d go back to the days of the musical. When actors like Gene Kelly were bigger than life and at every turn there was a new musical to experience. Sure not everyone will be of the highest caliber since they came out so often, but I’d love to see a film like An American in Paris during the era in which it first was made.

If you woke up tomorrow morning and found out that you were living your own Groundhog Day and could only escape it by watching all the movies from a specific genre, which genre would you choose and why? And which genre would be your personal hell?

I’d probably choose Science Fiction. I enjoy must of the films in this genre even if they are really bad. The idea behind the fiction is what has to be strong for me to enjoy it. For example: In Time is an awful movie, but I thought the concept behind it was really smart. That made enough of an effect for me to enjoy it a little. My personal hell would definitely be horror films. I know I could’ve picked Romantic Comedies or Children’s films, but I would be physically sick from a lot of horror movies and that would just be a nightmare.

You have the Neuralyzer from Men in Black in your pocket. Which movie would you travel into to use it on one of the characters to change the movie in a fun or interesting way and what would happen because of the change you made?

This is actually an extremely difficult question. I have no idea what I would choose at this moment, but if we used it on the jury in 12 Angry Men what would happen? Maybe they’d forget why they were there and they’d come to an outcome sooner rather than later. Of course that would take all the fun out of the movie though.

If you would be able to enter the dreams of a famous movie character like Cobb did in Inception using the dream machine, which character’s dreams would you jump into to get to know that character better and what do you think their dreamworld would look like?

What must Sam Rockwell be thinking on that little moon? In the film, Moon, he is all alone except for another person who is exactly like him in every way. It would be interesting to explore the psychosis of an individual like that. What kind of fear or rejection or insecurities. It would be fun as a science experiment sort of way.

Lacuna Inc, the company from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind just opened on the corner of your street. Which one movie memory would you delete to experience it for the first time again?


The movie I’d like to see for the first time again is 2001: A Space Odyssey. Even though I didn’t see it for the first until a few years ago, I envy anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see the film and experience it.

Right next to Lacuna Inc, another company Rekall from Total Recall has opened as well. Which character in which movie would you like to be to experience it in first person?

Someone who gets to sleep with a lot of women. Haha! No, but to be James Bond would be awesome. Sure he gets tortured sometimes or knocked out, but think of all the times he gets to save the world! …and sleep with the women.


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