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When Movies Attack: Batman Begins Vs. Iron Man

Posted November 13, 2012 by Max in Featured

When Movies Attack

Have you even been watching a movie and thought to yourself that this looks really familiar.  It happens all the time in Hollywood, two movies are released simultaneously with almost the same identical premise.  The story may be different from each other but they both involve the same theme or the same plot.  So let’s get on to see what movies are attacking this week.

SPOILERS******   Be warned I will be discussing both movies and may give away certain plot elements.

Batman Begins Vs. Iron Man

The Challengers

Batman Begins

Bruce Wayne has little in his life that he loves left. His parents were brutally murdered before his eyes. In order to protect the ones that he loves, he must get stronger. He joins the league of shadows and they teach him that he has to become more than a man. He has to become something that will bring fear to his enemy’s. Thus, The Batman was born from the shadows and lives to protect the people of Gotham. Unfortunately, he will be fighting against the same people who taught him what he knows.

Iron Man

Stark Industries is on top of the world. They supply weapons to the highest bidder and turn a blind eye to how they’re used. This all changes when Tony Stark is taken prisoner by terrorists.  He is order to make them a weapon of mass destruction, but he has other plans. With assistance, he creates the Iron Man armor and escapes imprisonment. Tony Stark soon realizes he’s meant for more than selling weapons, he must protect the innocent, he must become Iron Man.


  • Both are billionaires
  • They are the son to philanthropist parents
  • Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne both start training/creating for their own selfish reasons, but have a change of heart.
  • Iron Man and Batman both have an incredible arsenal of technology in their corner
  • The villains of both films are the people who are at one point their closest allies


  • Tony Stark has no qualms with letting the world know he is Iron Man, where Bruce Wayne keeps it secret
  • Tony Stark gets kidnapped and that leads to his enlightenment, whereas Bruce Wayne volunteers to join the League of Shadows
  • Iron Man takes place a much larger scale making the entire world in danger, Batman Begins focuses mostly on Gotham
  • Tony Stark is a real playboy, Bruce Wayne just plays one on TV
  • Bruce Wayne never gets romantically involved with Rachel, but Tony Stark gets involved with Pepper Potts

Closing Thoughts.

It could be said that Iron Man is Marvel’s equivalent to DC’s Batman. While they have enough that sets them apart from one another, at their core they are very similar. The fact that their similar does not take away that they are included in the best superhero movie ever discussion.

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