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Michael Fassbender vs Ryan Gosling – Who had a Better Year?

Posted November 21, 2011 by Max in Featured

Michael Fassbender recently won GQ’s prize for ‘Breakout star of the year’ and what a year he has had. Starting off the year slowly and then gaining momentum along the way, those who were unaware of Fassbender at the beginning of the year know him now. On the other hand, Ryan Gosling has been making a bigger name for himself this year as well. Staring in three different pictures he has made himself into much more than ‘that guy in the Notebook‘. The percentages you see below are the tomato score for those films based on

Michael Fassbender

Jane Eyre – 85%

X:Men First Class – 87%

A Dangerous Method – 83%

Shame – 86%

Most actors could only pray for the type of acclaim Michael Fassbender has seen this year. He has taken on classic British literature, Marvel comics, Sex Addiction, and Psychiatry. In X-Men:First Class he made the role of Magneto his, while simultaneously making us forget that Ian McKellen ever played the part. Michael Fassbender has made himself into a viable action star as well as an actor willing to take on the hardest roles as seen in Shame and earlier Hunger. He was nominated for Best Actor at the Golden Globes for his performance in Shame. Currently he has three new projects for next year including Haywire and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him in many more roles.


Ryan Gosling 

Crazy, Stupid, Love – 78%

Drive – 92%

Ides of March – 85%

Ryan Gosling has opened up his career to a lot of new admirers this year. Typically staring in Independent films like Blue Valentine and Lars and the Real Girl, Gosling appeared in the very mainstream Crazy, Stupid, Love. He was charming and memorizing in his role stealing the movie from other capable actors and dazzling in his chemistry with Emma Stone. He appeared in the Ides of March, a political drama I didn’t really care for, but most seem to enjoy. Then he was in Drive. Drive is probably my favorite film of the year. Whether or not he gets an Academy Award for his roles doesn’t matter much. I need to watch some of his other movies because he showed a lot of range in his character that really didn’t have too many lines. Ryan Gosling has four films in various stages of production so we’ll be seeing a lot more of him next year.

Who do you think had the better year? Are you a bigger fan of Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling this year, than ever before?


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