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A Laugh and Links: Lawless, Michael Clarke Duncan, Film Podcasts, Coming-of-Age, The Raid, Breaking Bad

Posted September 5, 2012 by Max in Discuss

I have compiled another six links of posts you can’t afford to miss. Come for a laugh, stay for the links!

Saw this art earlier today: Ridley Scott by Andre Carrilho for LA Magazine


Here are your links!

Our friend T, over at The Focused Filmographer, got an opportunity to see Lawless over the long weekend. Check out his thoughts of film.

While I’m no where close to the current episodes of Breaking Bad, John from TDYLF has constructed a beautiful Infographic detailing all the deaths in the series.

Do you enjoy foreign films? How about cult cinema? Well Bonjour Tristesse has you covered. A film with a little bit more momentum behind it than the normal films they cover, The Raid: Redemption has been reviewed. I had an opportunity to watch this finally last week, so it was great to read their review.

Happy Birthday to Nikhat from Being Norma Jeane for turning 20! She decided to list her all-time favorite coming-of-age films. Do yours make the cut?

Jessica over at The Velvet Cafe highlights some film podcasts you should be listening to. I haven’t heard of a lot of these so…Thanks Jessica!

Finally, Alex from And So it Begins has a post of memorable roles from the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

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