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A Laugh and Links: Star Trek, Bad Horror Movie, Late Spring, Holy Motors, Scream, Howard the Duck, YouTube

Posted October 17, 2012 by Max in Discuss

I have compiled another six links of posts you can’t afford to miss. Come for a laugh, stay for the links!

Here are your links!

In the spirit of Halloween season, Morgan on Media the Top 10 Warning Signs of a Bad Horror Movie. What are some of the warning signs that signal bad movie to you?

Late Spring is one of the best movies I’ve watched all year. Courtney Small from Big Thoughts From A Small Mind has given the film a watch and here are his thoughts.

One of the many films maintaining an excellent word of mouth, Holy Motors is on my list of must see films. Bonjour Tristesse has his review up and it’s a wonderful score.

Earlier in the year Stevee from Cinematic Paradox looked at some prime examples of anime films. This time she’s looking into some classic horror films. Here’s one of her earlier entries Scream and Suspiria.

Having attended NYCC ’12 over the weekend I heard a lot about Marvel’s first movie ever, Howard the Duck. Dan from Public Transportation Snob has the all the details on the big Marvel flop.

Finally, Jessica from The Velvet Cafe asks if its okay to share links to films over YouTube.

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