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Posted January 10, 2012 by Max in Offtopic

After chatting with Novroz over at, I came up with the idea to share my bookcases with all of you. I’ve only featured the Manga, Anime, and Blu-rays today, but if there are requests I’ll show the DVD’s, Book’s, and TV Series as well.



Manga: For those who don’t know, Manga is a Japanese Comic book and it reads from Right to Left. A lot of these are later adapted into Anime or the other way around. This bookshelf is actually stacked two rows deep, so double what you see here. My GF and editor Shannon would like me to mention that the manga is mostly owned by her. I’d say its more 60/40 her, but apples and oranges right?

Anime: Here is a small sample of my Anime collection. You can see some of PVC figures mixed in there. Makes for a good presentation.

Blu-ray: I have a few more Blu-rays than what is displayed here, but I had to move them to make more space. The most recent Blu-ray I’ve gotten was Taxi Driver for Christmas.

Criterion Blu-ray: Finally here is half of my Criterion Blu-ray collection. 12 Angry Men is my latest criterion blu-ray.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look into my bookshelves.



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