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IFFBoston Review: The Future (2011)

Posted May 2, 2011 by Max in Festivals/Conventions

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The Future is Miranda July’s second feature and it features a talking cat, a shirt that moves on it’s own, and a hipster couple that is terrified of what is ahead of them.

Sophie (July) and Jason (Harnish Linklater) are a thirty-something couple about to rescue a cat from the kennel. They are really excited about their cat, Paw Paw, coming home and becoming part of their family.  With that excitement comes the realization they have taken on a new commitment neither of them are prepared for.

With great haste the couple decides they only have thirty days until their lives are over (their cat comes to live with them).  Jason and Sophie both quit their jobs and pursue their dreams.  Sophie wants to be a dance sensation and tries to create a series of videos on YouTube for thirty days of dancing.  Jason decides he wants to proactively save the environment by signing up with a tree re-planting non-profit.

{Minor Spoilers Ahead}

Sophie gets discouraged when she realizes she may not have what it takes to be an internet sensation.  She quickly finds solace in the affections of a new man (David Warshofsky) who cherishes her every move.  Meanwhile, Jason meets an old man who tells him his life is just beginning and there’s a bright future in front of him.  How will Sophie and Jason rectify this situation and bring Paw Paw into their family?

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Where The Future succeeds is the amazing chemistry between the two leads. They play off each other wonderfully and they certainly belong together.  Miranda July plays Sophie as a woman lost in the expectations of what her life should be, while Hamish Linklater shows a sincere fear about what commitment he’s gotten himself into.

I would be remiss without mentioning the character of Paw Paw. Every time the cat has a monologue is a scene stealer.  How excited this little animal is of finally finding a couple to care for him is emotionally draining.

The Future turns on it’s head in the finale with supernatural elements taking center stage.  There is a real feeling of sadness in the events that unfold at the end of picture.  Sophie and Jason end up being entirely selfish for their own personal goals, happiness, and fear of commitment.  The Future is a successful picture, just one I think will struggle to find an audience happy with it.


The Future
Directed by Miranda July
Starring Miranda July, Hamish Linklater, and David Warshofsky

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