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Our First Birthday!

Posted January 21, 2012 by Max in Featured


I don’t know what to say. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve started Impassionedcinema.

I never imagined I’d meet a group of film bloggers that I could share my thoughts with or reach so many people with my thoughts on film. In the past year I have written 420 articles and 47 reviews. Sitemeter reports that I’ve had a total of over 41,000 visits with over 60,000 page views. I remember in the early days I was excited to get 30 hits a day. I’ve had a few bloggers contribute to the site already and have been asked to write for others as well! It’s a very gratifying feeling when people enjoy your writing. I originally started Impassionedcinema to increase my public image and find a job in the film industry. I’ve enjoyed myself so much that I only wish I could make this my full-time job. One of my most proud moments was being invited to New York Comic Con as press. I never imagined I’d be invited and I hope to attend more events in the future. Hard work does pay off!

I’ve enjoyed a lot of success from the first year and while some posts were home-runs (who knew so many people were interested in Amy Adams in Superman?) others just meant more to me. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. My First Post

This is terrible. I really didn’t know what to say and was just getting ready for the Academy Award nominations. I’m doing that this weekend as well for reference.

2. Top 10 Flickchart Movies I Haven’t Seen

I have watched half of films on this list, but it caused a lot of debate when I first posted it. I now own Full Metal Jacket and Twelve Monkeys on Blu-ray so it’s only a matter of time until I get to them. My friend let me borrow American History X, but I keep putting that one-off too. Taxi Driver and A Clockwork Orange became instant favorites for me so at least that has been a win.

3. Michael Fassbender vs Ryan Gosling – Who had a Better Year?

The two ‘it’ men of 2011. Was there a website or blog that didn’t have a man crush on these men. I thought what better blog juice then to fight them against each other. It was a really fun debate. I’m not sure if either one really won (I still haven’t seen Shame or A Dangerous Method). Who will be the big name in 2012? If I was a betting man, I’m saying Tom Hardy blows the hype wagon off after Dark Knight Rises.

Next: I want to thank some of my favorite bloggers. My blog wouldn’t be the way it is today without the guidance from Scott @ Frontroomcinema. His success is astounding and his dedication towards the community is something we all can follow. Also I’d like to thank…Terrence, Ruth, Andina, Andrew, Castor, Anna, Nostra, and whoever else I can’t remember please know I thank you.

I’d also like to take this moment to thank my Facebook and Twitter followers. Some of you I know dearly, others I barely know. Let’s try to get everyone to a happy medium this year.

Also: Thanks to my Editor and GF (Shannon H) who has always had my back when writing this blog and saw almost all 51 of the 2011 films I saw. She is also responsible for the beautiful birthday cake above.

Future: Writing over 400 posts in a year was fun, but it was also killer. I’m hoping to find some more people to consistently add to the site. I’d like to do more features because I truly believe that’s why you would come to this site over any other blog. I’ll be working with more bloggers this year and I’m hoping to offer some guest posts of my own to other sites. We got to get this link juice flowing!

I also plan to attend the Independent Film Festival in Boston for a second year. Last year I paid for all five movies for Shannon and I. It sort of broke the bank, so I’m hoping to get some press passes this year. Maybe this year I’ll try to get to the NYFF at the end of the year, but I’d rather go to NYCC again I think. Well I’m excited for another year of blogging (and I just paid the web server bill), so I’m ready for year two. Please come and enjoy the ride with me.



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