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Tampopo Review: All Is Fair With Love and Noodles

Juzo Itami’s 1985 “ramen western” is quite the feast. The newly restored Tampopo certainly lives in the world where noodles, sex, and film intertwine. Having long only been available on a poor DVD quality prin...


April and the Extraordinary World has the right formula

Imagine a world without electricity. All automobiles run on coal and all the trees and forests in the world no longer exist. April and the Extraordinary World imagines this kind of future in an exciting and enjoyable fashion. A...


Batman V Superman arrives with an astounding thud

The battle of the century. Man vs God. The bat of Gotham vs son of Krypton. However it was advertised, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is here. Whether that is a good thing or not is another topic altogether. Fresh from the ...


Embrace of the Serpent is a stunning journey

The first Colombian film nominated for the Best Foreign Picture Oscar, Embrace of the Serpent is a stunning achievement. Director Ciro Guerra tells the story of Karamakate (Nilbio Torres), an Amazon tribesman, and his adventure...


The Mermaid is something not of this world

If you haven’t heard about The Mermaid that’s not surprising. Sony Pictures released the film recently in North America to a paltry 25 screens, but it still managed to rake in $1 million dollars. The reason The Merm...