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Top 10 Most-Anticipated TIFF 15 Films

While this was written before I made my ticket selection, this is still a fine list of some of the best films TIFF has to offer for its 40th anniversary! Youth Observers on the outside this reads as a story about two older men ...

Cannes Film Festival 2015: Film List

The 2015 Cannes Film Festival is underway and here are some of the films showing at the big film festival.

Takeaways From TIFF14

Since I saw many of my friends compile similar lists, I will now go through some of the more memorable things I learned and enjoyed during my time in Toronto. The currency in Toronto includes coins in denominations of 1 and 2 d...

Top 10 TIFF 14 Picks

This September, I’ll be heading out to the Toronto International Film Festival for the first time. A¬†festival with over 250 films, there are certainly quite a few to choose from. Yesterday, TIFF announced their first wav...

Adventure at NYCC ’12 – Thoughts and Photos

Welcome to the NYCC ’12 post show. We did so much I needed some time to recover.