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How did SAG do? SAG Nominations Announced

The nominations for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG henceforth) were announced this morning. The big question is how did they do (I’m only covering the Film Department). I guess the answer is a little more complicated than o...


Guest Post: John Carpenter Retrospective

Re-Examining John Carpenter’s Legendary Career Written by: Brandon Engel An eerie white mask peers through the window, surveying the scene. Unsuspecting babysitter, a young killer on the loose. When that iconic score plays, ...


Game of Thrones Season 4 Reviews

If you haven’t been following the latest posts on the Facebook page (Highly Recommended), here’s the links to some of my latest reviews for this season of Game of Thrones.


Have You Missed Me? What I’ve Been Up To

Wow, I’m looking crazy good. Haha. Nah that’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt who had one of the better films come out in this Fall in Don Jon. Don’t believe me? Well you might want to ask this guy. Don Jon Review Wait t...


NYFF ’13 Full Slate Announced

  NYFF ’13 will be the biggest year in the history of the festival. Usually the festival has between 25 and 30 films, but this year they are going to be showing 35 films over the 17-days. A lot of big hitters are com...