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Master of None and Going to the Movies Alone

The critically acclaimed and superb new Netflix series, Master of None, effortlessly raises questions of race and gender. The series, written by AzizĀ Ansari and Alan Yang, delves into topics ranging from immigration into the U...


Top 10 Most-Anticipated TIFF 15 Films

While this was written before I made my ticket selection, this is still a fine list of some of the best films TIFF has to offer for its 40th anniversary! Youth Observers on the outside this reads as a story about two older men ...


The Trouble With New Ideas

ith every original idea comes the same problem. Creating new characters that entertain and intrigue audiences is one of the biggest issues. Certainly the genre of Science fiction is no stranger to having difficultly developing ...


87th Annual Academy Awards Predictions

The 87th Annual Academy Awards are on Sunday and as usual I’m posting what I believe will win each category.


87th Academy Awards Prediction Post Thing

In my day-to-day writing I don’t do a lot of predicting about the awards season anymore. In fact, I’m involved in picking which films should be appreciated for their successes. I’d like to take a moment and ha...