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Getting into the 80s Vibe with Sing Street’s Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Mark McKenna

The new John Carney musical Sing Street hits all the right notes and is another successful musical for the director. We had the opportunity to sit down with two of films’ stars Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Mark McKenna. They t...


It’s the Pictures Podcast – 2016 Preview Extravaganza

  LISTEN HERE SHOW NOTES Intro Music: “Nightcall” by Kavisky from the original score for Drive 0:30: Introduction and 2016 Oscars Wrapup 2:00: Sunset Song / Subtitles in English Films [] 6:00:...


It’s the Pictures Podcast – Episode 1

John Gilpatrick and I have decided to continue our podcasting partnership into a new venture entitled “It’s The Pictures”. John’s website can be found here. For those who don’t know John, he is a m...


Interview with the Masterminds Behind ANOMALISA

It’s been seven years since Charlie Kaufman’s grand, wildly ambitious directorial debut, Synecdoche, New York, but his latest work, Anomalisa, was well worth the wait.


John Likes Movies Podcast EP 3 – Oscar Predictions

Yesterday, I posted my full predictions for the 88th Annual Academy Awards. If you would like to hear why I made some of those selections or you would like to hear John Gilpatrick and I for an hour and a half, I have the podcas...