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Benicio Del Toro Not in ‘Star Trek’ Sequel as Khan. Who’s Next?

Posted December 5, 2011 by Max in Film News

After all that talk about Benicio Del Toro playing Khan last week, you’d think the deal was completed. Now comes word from Vulture, that he won’t be appearing in the film at all since a deal could not be worked out. So Del Toro won’t be playing Khan, but perhaps they will get someone new who will still play the famous villain. I’m sure J.J. Abrams will have plenty of willing participants if Del Toro is unwilling to play the part.

Vulture also adds,

On Friday, the site Latino Review claimed to have confirmed that choice of villain, though Abrams promptly replied to Hitfix that the report was “not true.” Still, the famously secretive director was probably trying to keep the cat in the interstellar bag for a little while longer, as Vulture hears from a highly placed source that Khan is indeed the film’s baddie.

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