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New Battleship Trailer – Transformers Anyone?

Posted March 13, 2012 by Max in Trailers

Hasbro seems really desperate to make a franchise out of every property they have. Battleship seemed like a terrible idea in the first place and it seems worse now. The newest trailer shows us nothing we haven’t seen countless other films accomplish (Transformers being the most obvious comparison) and there’s a high uncertainty that they’ve made a story worth caring about. Battleship is going for an all-out Alien invasion for its storyline and while the action sure impresses (explosions everywhere), there’s not much here to get excited about.


Milton Bradley’s strategic board game gets a sci-fi facelift with this Universal Pictures production from director Peter Berg (Hancock). The action will pit a small fleet of naval ships against an alien force intent on enriching Earth’s valuable assets to ensure their survival. Taylor Kitsch (Wolverine) and True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgård star alongside Liam Neeson, Rihanna, and Brooklyn Decker.

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