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Adventure at NYCC ’12 – Thoughts and Photos

Posted October 16, 2012 by Max in Festivals/Conventions

Welcome to the NYCC ’12 post show. We did so much I needed some time to recover. I’ll get back to regular posting tomorrow when I’ll hopefully be able to review Argo. Here is a complete look at the Swag I bought while at NYCC ’12.

I had a lot of plans for things I wanted to see for NYCC ’12. Not everything worked out, but here are the events I saw and photos/trailers/thoughts attached.


Aniplex of America

Highlights: Anime Sword Art Online is coming to America and My friend won this Madoka Magica movie poster in a raffle and gave it to me! Incredible.

2:00-4:00 — Brian K Vaughan (Saga, Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways) and Fiona Staples  (Saga, Mystery Society, Northlanders, Jonah Hex) Autograph

Location: Midtown Comics Booth

Thoughts: After waiting in line for an hour and a half I finally got my autograph! Really excited about it.

We were going to see an Anime premier, but it was silently canceled. We ended up going to an Anne Rice panel (Queen of Vampire Novels) and then I found out my stepmother was reading something from the Sleeping Beauty series she made. Needless to say I was grossed out.


Thoughts: On Saturday I attended every panel I planned because I sat in the IGN theater from 11:30 until 8:30 pm. I can honestly say now it was worth it.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2


Thoughts: After finishing Part 1 recently I had to see what was coming up for Part 2. I’m impressed with the material I saw and look forward to the completion of the project.


Beautiful Creatures


Thoughts: Same target audience as Hunger Games and Twilight. Does it have the chance to have the same success? I’m not sure at this point.



Speakers: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Kevin Misher, and Kimberly Peirce

Thoughts: Finally the heavy hitters. I was surprised they didn’t have much footage to show other than the Teaser that has been making the rounds today. It seems most of the crowd was more interested in Chloe than Julianne Moore. Which is a shame considering the A list caliber acting that Julianne brings to the table. I didn’t know that their was a woman director working on the reboot. That makes the direction of the film a lot more interesting and with technology the way it is, it seems that the novel by Stephen King will be able to be fully adapted.

Evil Dead


Speakers: Bruce Campbell, Fede Alvarez, and Jane Levy

Thoughts: So Bruce Campbell is an exciting person if you had any doubt. I could sit there for three hours and just watch him interact with the audience. It seems that Jane Levy’s character will be the ‘new’ Ash. Bruce and Sam are confident about this living up to expectations, but can it meet them? I thought the trailer was fantastic, but I’m not much of a horror fan so take it as you will.

The Walking Dead


Speakers: Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs, Chris Hardwick, Danai Gurira, David Morrissey, Gale Anne Hurd, Glen Mazzara, Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, and Robert Kirkman

Thoughts: Footage from the Season three premier and Q & A. Not much exciting here.


FIREFLY 10th Anniversary Special Event – First Look

Thoughts: Easily the best hour of the convention. Nathan Fillion, Sean Maher, and Jewel Staite were on hand to Q & A with the fans as well as talk about the upcoming Science Channel special. It was amazing seeing the three of them in person and while we didn’t get the whole cast like SDCC, I believe we got my favorites anyways.


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