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Our 2012 Mission:

As Impassionedcinema covers a wide variety of movies and some TV shows/pop culture, attending events is important to feature popular genres in movies and TV that have large fan bases.  Widening our audience by being active in the movie/TV community is important to our fans and to our growth as a website.  Partly to add to our recurring ‘Conventions/Festivals’ section of the website and partly to flush out our presence with fans and industry leaders we will need to be present at the events they attend.

For the remaining calendar year, we will be traveling to the Rhode Island Film Festival, Boston Film Festival, New York Comicon and Otakon.  Although we currently have features from past visits to the Boston Independent Film Festival, various film and tv premieres, and the 2011 NY Comicon in our ‘Conventions/Festivals’ section, we feel it is necessary to add more events to our reviews in order to make it a viable section and a permanent fixture on our website.  Perhaps a resource for individuals looking for events to attend to get their fix for the things they love.  We feel this market is rare on movie websites and could be a good draw for new and old fans.

As far as strengthening the presence of certain genres on Impassionedcinema, the RI Film Festival and Boston Film Festival will help add to our Indie genre as well as add fresh names and faces to the website to, hopefully, include what is up-and coming in the Indie Scene.  We should conduct interviews with up-and-coming actors, directors, and writers to add to our ‘Film News’ section and strike new arrangements for ‘Guest Posts.’  Special attention should be paid to the Short Film entrants as they would be a good opportunity to be featured in our ‘Video of the Week’ posts.

With the growth of pop-culture in the comic-book, and anime scene we feel it is important to also feature something fresh on the website by adding some of the events we already love and wish to share with others.  With the explosion of superheroes in the movies (ahem… Avengers … ahem) we would like to expand on our coverage of events that include a mixture of genres, styles, and media.  The NY Comicon and Otakon are two prime examples (among other events that we have attended in the past and might consider featuring, such as PAX East and Anime Boston) of conventions that are at the forefront of their respective genres and feature the cutting-edge in panels, guests, and industry leaders.  Attending these events will give us the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interview the individuals responsible for some of the most recent and upcoming releases and news from around the world.  For instance, the amazing opportunity that was granted to us at the 2011 Otakon when we were able to see the very first ever American release of Makoto Shinkai’s brand new movie, Hoshi o Ou Kodomo (Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below).  Or when we were able to see never-before-seen footage of the then upcoming Avengers movie at the 2011 NY Comicon.  These pieces can be priceless for a small movie website such as Impassionedcinema and are what will keep us relevant.

We would like to thank all of our fans, old and new, and look forward to presenting you with new features in this upcoming year!


The Staff of Impassionedcinema.



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Max is the CEO, Editor and Head Writer of Impassionedcinema. He is a contributor for the film site, Movie Mezzanine and he is the Games Editor for Filmoria.  He currently resides and studies in Warwick, Rhode Island. He graduated from Roger Williams University (RWU) and following his love of film, decided to go back to school to study Digital Video Production at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  Since becoming an amateur film maker, he dedicates his life to sharing his love of film through the written word and behind the lens. He enjoys all types of cinema, but more often than not, the more challenging films that come from all hemispheres are his weapon of choice.  His favorite films are Lost In Translation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.




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Shannon is the Assistant Editor for Impassionedcinema.  Shannon appreciates films, Korean dramas, and Anime among other things. She has a legal editing background but figured this is close enough (and it doesn’t even have legalese, which makes it more fun!). She likes to hide behind the nom de plume of Theiceisfrozen (don’t ask) so feel free to give her a shout-out if you particularly like an error free article you’ve just read. Her favorite films consist of comedy and foreign dramas.


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